Two Cents

So the city hires an expensive consultant to tell them we need parking meters downtown. A poll of people who live, work and shop downtown would say otherwise.

The three P’s of downtown Rapid City: parking, panhandlers and potholes. The first two have been exacerbated by our city leaders. The latter consistently ignored.

Twenty-five cents for 15 minutes? Looks like I’ll no longer be shopping in downtown Rapid City.

How does it profit a city to raise $2.5 million in five years on parking meters if it drives customers away, stores lose revenue and close and we end up with empty store fronts?

When opossums eat 5,000 ticks per season, trapping and shooting them to boost the pheasant population is ridiculous. Killing skunks, raccoons and foxes for the same reason is out of balance — please stop your absurd new plan, Gov. Noem.

Why is the state spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on trapping? That money would be better spent on improving state parks and campgrounds so everyone could enjoy the great outdoors. 

The Big Pharma propaganda against the bipartisan proposal to control out-of-control drug prices is laughable. Making Medicare drug costs affordable is not socialism.

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