Two Cents

People have worked so very hard over the past years to make downtown Rapid City a destination. Too bad the money-hungry powers that be are going to make that effort futile with their parking meters.

It is crazy how upset people are getting over paying for parking and in the same breath complaining about potholes. Infrastructure comes at a cost.

Commonsense approach to downtown: Take the $800,000 meter money, fix the streets and give the customers free parking.

Instead of punishing the property owners in Rapid City with the $250 million that the school systems wants, lets do a sales tax increase so the renters can help out with the debt.

Why is this town so afraid to build a third high school? It would solve a lot of problems.

Stuck in traffic on Main Street. It is a huge mess, and I would advise everyone to stay out of here.

Before the school system asks for an increase in taxes, they should look at reducing the number of administrators in the district.

Classrooms are supposed to be plain so the children's attention is not diverted.

Schools are being asked to do what parents used to do. Parents, step up and parent your kids. They are your responsibility, not your friends.

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