Two Cents

Because of helicopter parents who step in every time they think their child has been wronged, many college students have no idea how to cope with adversity and life in general.

As a shopper from out of town, I would gladly pay for parking downtown in spaces where store employees use up all the parking now for free. Time to share 2012 funds with the towns that send so many shoppers to Rapid City.

Please don't fret so much about our high taxes. I'm sure a large part of them will help repair the hundreds of bad streets which make us feel like we're driving in a Third World country.

The mindset of most people over 50 in this town is that young people graduate and move away, so why raise taxes for them? Therefore they will continue to leave.

It's good that we have choices of where to shop; we don’t need to go downtown and worry about the panhandlers or parking meters.

President John Adams and a unanimous Senate ratified the Treaty of Tripoli in 1797 which specifically stated that the United States “is not founded on the Christian religion.” We would do well to remember this before we rush to put “In God We Trust” or "Allahu Akbar" on school buildings.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always.

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