Two Cents

The proposed “red flag” solution is a red herring. If a person is determined to be a threat to society wouldn’t it make more sense to remove the individual? They can steal or improvise another weapon to use in harming others.

All it takes is money to secure a political position not honesty, integrity or someone that’s going to work for the people that elected you. Democracy not.

Abortion is wrong. So is not properly caring for and feeding the child especially when the parents don’t or can't.

You would think that with the millions of dollars that the biker campgrounds take in every year that they collectively could pony up $100,000 for a service that is provided mostly by volunteers that might someday save one of their lives.

$5 million for a baseball stadium, $5 million for a homeless campus and now almost a million for a horse barn. What are our elected officials thinking? I am a horseman, business owner and taxpayer from way back.

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