Two Cents

Just leave the street names alone. When driving the continuous thoroughfare from my neighborhood to the airport, I drive on South Canyon Road, West Chicago Street, West Omaha Street, Omaha Street and Highway 44, and I can still find the airport just fine.

Are they arresting any real pimps of actual underage girls for sex or is it all about cops getting to play act on our tax dollars?

We could afford to give a large amount for a baseball field and a horse barn, but we are cutting funding for the arts. Priorities, I guess. Sad.

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The people run the country not the president and/or Congress. The NRA is a group of citizens bent on protecting your inalienable rights. The government (Congress) is out of control because 70% of the population does not vote.

Confiscating weapons because of what a person might do violates both presumption of innocence and the due process requirements of proving criminal behavior. It’s unconstitutional.

Trump said winning trade wars is "easy." An 800-point drop in the stock market makes his premise a bit hard to believe.

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