Two Cents

With all the pointless arguing that goes on in this column, maybe the Journal should change the name from "Two Cents" to the "B*tch and Moan Column".

There is no one in this entire city that is so important they can't afford to wait. Slow down, take turns, be patient and share: everything you ever needed to know about life was supposed to be taught in kindergarten.

If you like to see happy people and happy dogs go to the dog park on Rapid Creek above the fish hatchery. The dogs are romping and running with the owners close behind. It is really joyful and fun to watch them — unless you have a dog, then join in!

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To stay in the left hand “passing lane” while driving on the interstate is akin to a self-centered child defying his mother. To be courteous and move over does not cost you a nickel, only a little macho pride.

Mayor Allender, have you ever driven over the railroad tracks on 5th street? Just asking.

I cannot understand all the vehicle accident deaths with people being thrown out of their vehicles and killed because they are not using their seatbelts. It is such a waste of life, USE YOUR SEATBELTS!

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