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If you’re going to leave your animal in a hot car, then you should put on your fur coat, crack the windows a bit and sit in that hot car with them. See how you like it.

It will be interesting to see the public's response to the new parking meters in downtown Rapid City. With a tough retail environment for brick-and-mortar stores people will "vote with their checkbook" on whether it will help or hurt the downtown economy. 

The yard waste bins at Sioux Park are always full to overflowing and I am getting too old to hoist heavy RALF bags over my head to throw them on top of the heap. From now on, I will just leave my yard waste at the curb for pick up on garbage day.

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Trump OKs SD disaster declaration, “Schools replacing buses with state, federal rebates”  Isn’t it nice that some people pay their taxes.

Mark Bowron’s reply regarding the mining industry in Saturday’s Journal was spot on. Perhaps the article’s greatest point was to tell the reader do your research before buying that pig in a poke.I would add take a good look at your daily conveniences that are brought to you partly by the mining industry. 

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