Two Cents

Don't tell Kristi but I found hemp growing in the hills and I know who planted it. Her friends call her Mother. Her last name's Nature.

How many times do you have to be told the city, county or state has nothing to do with the repair of railroad tracks.  It is up to the railroad to repair the tracks and they don’t drive across them.

A recent writer revealed that in spending time in 14 states recently, roads there are no better than here in Rapid City, and that those who whine should probably stop whining. To that I say, 15 wrongs don't make a right.

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The schools have a never-ending need for more money. Unfortunately, after my home taxable evaluation has gone up yet another $35,000, I am unable to support the bond issue. 

So it’s OK to “bribe” people to put up solar panels and wind farms, but not communities for supporting agriculture?

Considering how easily firearm silencers, or suppressors, can be made illegally in a home workshop, I don’t understand why you would have an issue with those that go through the process to be legally licensed by the federal government. Some people just cannot stand someone having a little fun.

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