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My classmates and I sat at desks for the entirety of our education in the Rapid City School District and the majority of us were able to learn well enough to go on to successfully support ourselves and our families. To me, yoga balls and stools are another representation of the over-coddling of today’s children.

Iowa's Republican governor just signed legislation legalizing industrial hemp. South Dakota is now the only Midwestern state with a governor who is too ignorant to recognize the economic benefits.

You say you miss Gov. Daugaard. I miss what could have been if Marty Jackley was elected governor.

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Mike Rounds, John Thune, Dusty Johnson and Kristi Noem all stood by subserviently (again) as Donald Trump threw South Dakota ag producers under the tariff bus (again). Trump might consider bankruptcy to be a smart business tactic, but to struggling family farmers it is the end to a way of life.

Whenever Native Americans hold peaceful demonstrations, they are infiltrated by out-of-state corporate-hired private security-firm police and informants who use counter-terrorism tactics to incite violence, and who then blame the peaceful protesters.

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