Two Cents

When the farmers get their welfare payments to offset Trump's tariff war losses, I assume they will be drug-tested?

Perhaps the red-shirted downtown “hosts” could direct visitors to the State maintained roadways (Omaha, Mount Rushmore Road, Catron, Jackson Boulevard) for their travel to avoid falling into chuckholes the size of their suitcase found on virtually every city street.

Has anyone else noticed the amount of discarded syringes on the ground around town? Don’t people know all it takes is a curious little kid to pick up one and get poked by the needle. What are we turning into — California?

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Hey Rapid City, remember what we were told about the old Central High building. It was condemned and then magically after the New Central High building was complete, it was fine to be used for all kinds of other functions. It’s deja vu all over again.

How about a 5-part series on alternative funding for the $250 million school district proposal? If a 1/2 cent sales tax can fund a new arena and a new homeless shelter, how about raising it an additional 1/2 cent to rebuild schools and not increase the already astronomically high property taxes in Pennington County and Rapid City?

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