Two Cents

I see in the Journal that our Senator Rounds is against bringing our troops out of Syria. Mr. Rounds, maybe you should go to the battlefield and see our troops die and lose limbs, then I bet you would have a change of mind. I was drafted in 1954.

It’s time to change the high school football playoffs. There should never be a team in the playoffs that is 0-9. Talk about a waste of school funds.

Noem once again shows her failure at being SD's governor by saying "no" to growing hemp. Her lack of leadership for the state needs to be remembered when the election comes.

South Dakotans agree with the death penalty. Now get rid of the frivolous appeals. Nearly 30 years is ridiculous.

Twenty of our 23 schools in the school district don’t have safe and secure entrances. In the early 1990s, Stevens had the first school hostage situation in the nation; more than 25 years later, there are still 17 different entrances to that school. It’s time to invest in our school facilities to keep our kids safe.

The sales tax cannot be used for schools without a change in state law.

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