Two Cents

I feel for the schools and something needs to be done, but the burden should not be put solely on the backs of taxpayers. As I look around Rapid City, I see all these nonprofit facilities raking in money but not paying property taxes. Education should be the responsibility of everyone.

What you read was a “summary” and not the full transcript of the Ukraine phone call. Once again, if there was nothing to hide, the full transcript would’ve already been released to the public.

Just returned from Louisiana. They vote on Saturday, so no problem. Why not use the many areas in the Civic Center? I could pick up my neighbor, and we all could vote.

The SD Motor Vehicle Division must be selling my name, address and the VIN number of the 2016 pickup we recently purchased because now we get weekly notices warning that our vehicle warranty is expiring and we need to purchase an extended warranty.

Maybe if we make politicians who push laws that anyone who passed high school civics knows are unconstitutional pay the state's legal fees, they would quit wasting tax money and passing stupid laws.

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