Two Cents

I really wish city and county law enforcement officers had professional grooming standards like the state police. Please shave the beards off.

Parents, it is never acceptable to allow your 15-year-old to have unmonitored access to handguns and matching ammo! Every time there is another tragic mass shooting we learn about a different NRA-protected loophole aiding the mayhem.

Get real! How many banks of batteries do you see at every wind generator? None! There is no storage for wind power. The power generated by the dams storing water for electric power has months or in some cases years of storage. Most coal fired plants have a least a month of coal storage on site. Wind-generated power typically has to be used as it is produced.

Bravo to Councilman Greg Strommen for voicing the opinion we all share. Renaming Founders Park is a ridiculous, costly, unnecessary waste of taxpayer time and money, and it has nothing to do with Native Americans, but that is mentioned when someone is trying to push their own agenda.

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