Two Cents

To the person that wrote “The statistics on jailing tells me South Dakota has the best law enforcement.” That’s great. What are we doing to rehabilitate the inmate so they don’t become repeat offenders?

No one enjoys seeing traffic cones but with traffic cones comes improvements to Rapid City streets so just slow down and know that it's temporary.

How can the street department cut out three sections of the road to the million-dollar soccer fields and only remember to fill in one section while they had a 10-man crew on site?

So the mayor wants to bring 18 unelected high school students who don't pay property taxes onto the City Council to have input on issues and policy. Students who are 51% proficient in English, 43% proficient in math, and 37% proficient in science will fit right in.  

Would like to thank whomever made it possible for the Rapid City substitute teachers to get a pay raise. On the flip side, your elimination of the incentive to sub on Fridays and Mondays has diminished my desire to work either Fridays and Mondays; now I'll enjoy the long weekends too. 

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