Two Cents

Rapid City school board has continued to take away advanced education pay for the teachers who are in contact with our students every day. At the same time, in a huge face slap to teachers, they decided to give administrators advanced education pay.

It's unfortunate that Kristi Noem sees our law enforcement as the only ones in the nation that cannot discern hemp from marijuana. Probably the greatest cash crop to ever come to our farmers' doorstep.

The report card for the schools is in and what a shame. Schools need to get back to teaching, parents need to be parenting, and kids need to be weaned off the electronic devices and start learning.

You are expecting a lot from a 10-person road repair crew. After all, based on 60 years of observation, seldom are there more than 20 percent (in this case, two people) actually working at the same time.

Do something Thune and Noem, my first scam call came at 6 a.m. today on my land line, followed by one at 6:30 a.m. and then one on my cell phone at 7 a.m. I am so over this.

No Omaha Street crossing study? Wow, Maybe there is some common sense on the council after all.

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