Two Cents

When I was 9 in 1959 the scientist were saying we were going into a mini ice age cooldown. Now 50 years later it's global warming, the only thing that is for sure is that the climate will change.

The city of Sturgis could use city sales tax money to fund the rural ambulance as most everyone in the county pays it and contributes to the city.

Thune, Rounds and Johnson need to work to repeal the antiquated Gold Mining Law of 1872. Our beautiful Black Hills belongs to our citizens. Greedy new mining has no right to ruin our environment so they can make a profit.

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Instead of discredit, doubt and delay, wouldn’t it be nice if the GOP engaged to find out if the conduct the President is accused of is true and warrants impeachment? Why is partisanship, from either side, more important than the good of the country? Can we expect our Senators to step up? Sure hope so.

I have it all sized up — house has enough votes to start it — Senate is way short of 2/3 to approve it — let's face it — if we couldn't get Clinton we sure as heck can't get Trump, so quit now and save the millions of dollars going to waste.

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