Two Cents

I can't believe people have to be told to lock their vehicles at night whether there's valuables in the car or not. It's common sense.

We can quit complaining about our parking meters downtown. I went to Keystone and the old free parking lot now costs $5.

Governor Kristi Noem welcomes everyone to South Dakota. Please set your clocks back twenty years.

Weapons and tobacco products are banned within school boundaries. Cell phone usage in school loading/unloading zones while occupied by students should be banned also.

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It would be nice if the announcer at the rodeo could leave his politics out of the rodeo since conservatives, liberals, and all folks can be cowboys. His criticism of the media is particularly strange considering all the great coverage given to the fair by the Rapid City Journal.

Bandidos get charged with following too closely! What, did the Police Dept. have their eyes all closed when the rally was here?

Congratulations to the Black Hills National Forest folks for taking some valuable land off the tax rolls. Their purchase north of Custer should be a great place for them to nurture more uncontrolled noxious weeds.

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