Two Cents

Nero fiddled. Trump golfs.

We expect government to live/budget within the boundaries of its income — i.e., reallocate resources — and not look to property owners as a bottomless pit of financial capital.

Kudos to Ron Jeffries and his crew and sponsors for another outstanding Central States Fair this year.  Awesome job folks!

So now Spearfish is going to a public safety operation which will cover police, fire and code enforcement. Now all those departments can copy the police department as a “we have an ordinance but unless we get a complaint we don’t enforce it” department.

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This President has lied over 12,000 times in his term, and still is in office, time to speak up Republicans.

Why is the airport adding new flights when their sewage (lagoon) system can not accommodate what they have now? Certainly dumping raw sewage on the ground is not the answer.

The taxpayers own a large fleet of unused airplanes, so why not, with the coming of fire season, fit a dozen of those planes to fight wild and forest fires, and then call on them at the first sign of a fire and save our forests.

Perhaps we should just go ahead and legalize recreational and medical use of marijuana so the anti industrial hemp folks wouldn’t have to worry about it and our farm economy would have another income source.

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