Two Cents

Graduates of SD colleges and universities who leave the state aren’t the only brain drain. Many of our brightest high school students leave to attend college and don’t return. Maybe because merit scholarships are more generous at non-SD higher education facilities.

Friend in Colorado says they cut his property taxes in half at 65. Friend in Georgia says his cut in half at 65 and eliminated them when he turned 70. I can't afford to live here any longer. SD maybe in for both Brain Drain and Senior Drain.

Revenue is down for state parks due to a decrease in visitors. Game Fish & Parks solution is lets increase visitor fees that will certainly make more people want to come.

I bought land in Rapid City, built a house, planted trees 5 feet in from sidewalk and now gaze out my window watching dog walkers allowing their dogs to use my trees to relieve themselves or on the boulevard I maintain so nicely. How rude.

It's not because of lack of wages that people don't feed their children. As long as others are willing to foot the bill that frees up the money they have for tattoos, beer, pot, cars, cell phones, vacations and other fun stuff.

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