Two Cents

So, our elected officials want to spend millions on an airport escalator, because "it's 31 years old," yet have no plans to connect the airport to a modern sewage system.

Dumping raw sewage on the ground — what do you think farmers and ranchers do with it? It's called fertilizer.

The "brain drain" article was great information in Monday's Journal. I'm curious how long the legislators/businessmen in S.D. will cogitate on it and then do something about it?

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To those who owe the state money for unpaid fines, taxes, etc. the inescapable question is: how have you been able to pay your cell phone bills?

So the state is telling us a large percentage of parents with children in the school system can't afford to feed their children breakfast or lunch? The problem many of us see is that the income threshold is set so low that we're giving able bodied working parents a ridiculously unjustified free ride.

Might as well repeal capital punishment in South Dakota. If Klinetobe doesn’t qualify who does? Or write in the South Dakota exception for weak prosecutors and heinous murders of women by ex-boyfriends.

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