Two Cents

In light of the foreclosure on the former STAR Academy, the state needs to make plans to remodel it into a meth treatment center. I see no good reason not to invest the necessary funds.

So the checks to the state for the Star Academy have bounced. Why doesn't the state sic their pit bull Obligation Recovery Center on that guy?

There is a difference between animal waste and human waste, which is why we don't put human waste on our lawns.

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Sure, drop taxes by half on those of us over 65 and entirely for those of us over 70 and the burden will fall on the younger taxpayers resulting in even more young people leaving the state. Bad idea.

Colorado and Georgia both have state income tax. Perhaps, your friends there can also explain to you the benefits of their state's progressive tax policies vs. South Dakota's regressive policies.

I would like to know who’s pulling Gov. Noem’s chains on the hemp issue. Some of her concerns make no sense.

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