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A Pine Ridge woman has admitted concealing from authorities what she knew about the shooting death of a woman on the reservation last year. She also provided information implicating two other people charged in the killing.

Tyler Schae Brewer, 26, pleaded guilty in federal court on April 14 to misprision of a felony in the death of 34-year-old Annie Colhoff.

Authorities said Colhoff, also known as Chunta Suta Wi, was shot to death in Pine Ridge village on the evening of Sept. 29.

A Colorado man, Orlando Guadalupe Villanueva de Macias, 37, is charged in the incident with second-degree murder and weapon offenses.

Another Pine Ridge woman, Stevie Ray Makes Good, 24, is also charged with making a false statement to law enforcement.

Brewer, under her plea agreement with federal prosecutors, provided details on Colhoff’s shooting that had not been publicized. A statement of facts in the case, signed April 13 by Brewer and her lawyer, says the following:

Villanueva “shot and killed” Colhoff around 8 p.m. Sept. 29 after he and Colhoff got into a “heated verbal exchange.” No information was provided on why they argued.

Villanueva, who was then staying at Colhoff’s residence, stepped out of the house with Brewer and Makes Good. Colhoff then exited the house with a knife, and Villanueva “shot her multiple times.” Brewer witnessed the shooting.

Brewer had driven to Colhoff's house with Villanueva and Makes Good. Brewer and Colhoff were also friends.

The two women and Villanueva, also called Chris, fled to Rapid City. They met up with Myles Tuttle and Tiffanee Garnier, both of whom would later be charged with murder in the Pine Ridge shooting of Vincent Brewer III in October. Tuttle drove the group, excluding Makes Good, to Denver.

Around 11 p.m. the same day, Colorado law enforcement found Villanueva, Tuttle and Brewer in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Brewer gave authorities false statements, including that she had been in Denver when Colhoff was shot and that she did not know Villanueva’s name.

Brewer's car, with the keys locked inside, had been found at Colhoff's residence.  

She is facing up to three years in prison and a year of supervised release for misprision. She has been released with conditions from the Pennington County Jail while awaiting her sentencing at the Rapid City federal courthouse on July 21.

The cases against Villanueva and Makes Good are still being heard.

Federal authorities have said they are investigating possible links between the deaths of Colhoff and Vincent Brewer III.

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