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Your Two Cents for April 8

Your Two Cents for April 8

Two Cents

Attorney David Ganje advocates a "standardized" morality test for teachers and argues that only elected representatives, not educators or (by extension) the public, should have free speech. Maybe there should be a "standardized" morality test for lawyers and legislators. 

Please City Council and County Commissioners stop approving housing and subdivisions on Sheridan Lake Road until you make it four lanes from Corral Drive to Norseman Road. Sheridan Lake Road is about to take on approximately 300 more vehicles when the apartments are finished on Dunsmore Road.

To the individual who wrote a letter about professional haters, please look in the mirror. What you spewed was nothing but vitriol. Time to move on. 

As long as you’re printing opinions about political officials and what they should be doing, perhaps the vice president should focus on the crisis on our southern border and not on a local loan fund.

Remember to give your financial support and thanks to our local volunteer fire departments. They do an outstanding job providing fire protection throughout the area.

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