Your Two Cents for Dec. 1

Your Two Cents for Dec. 1

Two Cents

Thank you to the heroes who work in blizzard conditions to restore power to our homes and businesses.

The Rapid City slogan “Do Big Things” seems to apply only to the mayor, city council and school board. How about “Rein Them In?"

Thanks and a big cheer for all those removing snow—by plow, by shovel, at home, on the streets, at your business. You are all important to the well-being of our community.

With all the name changes taking place recently, one has to wonder if plans are underway to rename Rapid City to Monument City?

The city council wants to spend a bundle of money on another unpopular study of the Sixth and Omaha crossing with the logic, "if we don't spend the money we will lose it." Newsflash... Waste is bad no matter whose pocket it comes out of.

During these times, here’s a rule that may help all of us have less stressful days: Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.

The new civic center will continue to have power if the wind stops the same way people with solar power continue to have power at night. The need for basic education on alternative energy sources is clearly required BEFORE you decide if something is good or bad... don't you think?

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