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Your Two Cents for Feb. 23

Your Two Cents for Feb. 23

Two Cents

Sending thanks and praise to the RCPD as well as the supporting agencies for the arrest in the horrific local murder case. Obviously, a fine group of detectives.

A BB gun may not be considered a “real” gun, but it can certainly do damage. Just ask my husband who lost vision in one eye because of that “toy.”

Fire all the teachers? Good luck replacing them in a state ranked 46th in teacher pay, especially when you factor in the active shooter drills and a global pandemic.

Let's fine parents who don't require their kids to go to school rather than firing teachers who may be absent for personal reasons. 

You know justice is skewed when a headline uses the words "misdemeanors" and "fatal" in the same sentence.

It should be the case our elected leaders would want to make ways for us to easily vote so we can vote for them again. Why are they trying to make voting more difficult?

For those of you still calling for AG Jason Ravnsborg’s head on a platter (translation: Impeachment), consider this — ”there, but for the grace of God go I!”

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