Two Cents

Watching the impeachment hearings, I was never aware that the good old USA sends so much money and war materials to foreign countries. It does my heart good knowing that these foreign countries uses my money for war, building streets etc. and we in the good old USA have roads that need repair and our bridges are unsafe, so be sure to vote the same Senators and Representative to D.C. so we can Arm the world for war.

Our schools have been allowed to fall into disrepair and now we are handed the bill.

The ignorance displayed in this column regarding how tax dollars levied by a given governmental agency can be used is truly stunning. Unless the suggestions are offered by illegal immigrants, the suggestions are from voters. Frightening.

Amazingly Trump now says he didn't know what Giuliani was doing with Ukraine yet on the July phone call with the Ukraine president he tells the president to talk to Rudy as he knows what's going on. What? And the lies just keep on coming.

I attended the SDSMT v BHSU girls basketball game on  Nov. 26. I don’t believe I have ever seen a game with worse officiating than this one.  RMAC should review the game films, determine the quality of the refs, provide needed training and hope this never happens again.

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