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Your Two Cents for Sept. 23

Your Two Cents for Sept. 23

Two Cents

It is a sad state of affairs when substitute teachers make less than McDonald’s advertised starting wage.

It was heartening to see the Rapid City school board finally giving a raise to substitute teachers but on the other hand a disgrace that they may not make it permanent. Subs do the same job everyday pandemic or not.

How "sick" does our city council think we are? There are 12 pharmacies in town, and they think we need 15 marijuana dispensaries?

City workers getting a Covid bonus? They should feel fortunate that their job wasn’t closed down. If we are going to give out a bonus, we should at the least expect to see proof of a Covid vaccination.

According to reports, the vaccination rate at Monument trails the abysmal state average. Very disappointing. I trust them with my health but many of them don't seem to care. Thanks to the administration raising the bar.

It's alright to let everyone have their freedom to make choices about their health — except women that is. They need the governor and a bunch of men in the legislature to make those decisions.

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