Two Cents

I was on the submarine float in the Piedmont 4th of July parade and really appreciated all of the folks coming out for the parade, but we got rained on and I sure felt sorry for those watching. Some had umbrellas but many were just soaked to the skin, but I want to say thank you to all.

Why are some people so upset about the money spent on a national parade? Yet these same people are fine with spending billions bringing illegals into this country to give them free health care.

The protesters on Sheridan Lake Road and West Main were very rude and disrespectful when I asked them what camp they were trying to close (I thought it was the Guard Camp). After they called me all kinds of explicit names and the drunk one flipped me off, they kept bringing up Native Americans and I was white so I should just go home, not sure who the racist is or their point.

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Donald Trump brags that he has brought back thousands of jobs to the "clean coal" industry. Probably rings a bit hollow to the 600 Eagle Butte and Bel Ayr coal mine employees in Wyoming who just lost their jobs.

Spectacular is the word to describe the beautiful rolling hills that are covered with yellow clover. That is a result of all the wonderful snows and rains this spring and summer.

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