Two Cents

The House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., is once again considering legislation to give themselves an annual salary increase of $4,500. Interesting, since they are already the highest paid part-time employees in America.

I wish Rapid City would install traffic cameras. Perhaps that would cut down on the high number of drivers running red lights that I see every day.

The USA women’s soccer team represents the United States of America. They should be required to attend the White House and meet with President Trump since this is not about politics.

I hope the decrease in abortions reported in the July 9 AP article is due to better access to birth control. Both unwanted childbirth and abortions are preventable when people have the education and access to make that choice.

Just found an old menu in my glove box from BJ’s Grinder King on Main Street. It featured New England grinders and pizza. They sure were good.

The police are either overwhelmed, or unwilling, to effectively deal with illegal fireworks calls. Save your time and make the police statistics look better; don’t report illegal fireworks.

Don't blame the British ambassador for telling the truth.

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