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Globalism has wiped out ‘foreign' oil

On March 30, President Obama gave a spirited speech about America becoming less dependent on foreign oil.

Apparently the president hasn't heard: With globalism and one world government there is no longer foreign oil.

The goal of becoming energy independent has been reached. Nationalism has been replaced with globalism and one world government.

Our military went to war in Libya based on a decision by the United Nations Security Council, not Congress.

Oil is now every nation's oil, subject only to price competition with other global states. Oil world wide is denominated in U.S. dollars.

Since we possess the world's greatest creator of dollars, the Federal Reserve, we have achieved energy independence at last. We need no longer worry about foreign oil dependency. Now it's simply a bidding war for oil, no matter where it exists.

Should oil supplies be at risk anywhere the United Nations Security Council will order the global military to suppress the threat of supply disruption.

Foreign oil no longer exists.


Rapid City

Billboard measures protect city's beauty

Thank you to the citizens and our mayor and city council for placing the two citizens billboard initiatives on the June 7 Ballot.

The first, the Citizens Billboard Control Initiative, limits size to 250 square feet, spacing to 2,000 feet between sign poles, and limits digital lighting for reasons of safety and beautification. The initiative makes these requirements a firm guide for off premise billboards and allows the sign code to hold to the Code.

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The second, the Citizens Sign Credit Reform, terms out sign credits. Sign credits are only certificates, and should have had a term at the time of issue when it was created. This corrects that with ample time to terminate.

Both initiatives are written to protect the city and its citizens for the future. Anything existing today has "grandfathered" protection. This means that outdoor advertising companies still have opportunities to continue business as usual. This protects the city from lawsuits.

I hope these initiatives will be supported by your vote on June 7. This is an action of the people of Rapid City that shows how much they love their city.


Scenic Rapid City

Rapid City

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