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LETTERS: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LETTERS: Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Proposed uranium mine has many problems

Powertech/Azarga Uranium Corp. proposes mining uranium via the in-situ leach process at Dewey-Burdock near Edgemont. Let's look at a few problems with this proposal:

• In-situ leach uranium mining is done directly in a water-bearing aquifer.

• Powertech/Azarga wants to mine two of Fall River County's largest aquifers.

• Rock layers around the mining aquifer must provide adequate confinement to prevent contamination.

• Studies indicate rock layers on-site don't have adequate confinement.

• On-site are approximately 4,000 old drill holes, many drilled before regulations required lining or closing properly; most holes’ conditions are unknown; at least one old drill hole leaks to the surface.

• Studies indicate water leaks between formations, implicating old drill holes and fractures.

• Huge chimneys (breccia pipes) go through otherwise impermeable rock layers in the area, undermining any finding of adequate confinement.

• Potential full-scale uranium mining plan for the Black Hills will demand an inordinate extraction/pollution of an already compromised aquifer system. While salty, aquifers to be mined are providing water for ranching, domestic use, and can be filtered for drinking.

• Powertech/Azarga would not pay a dime for the water used, and the quantity is more than the water used by Rapid City.

Gena Parkhurst, Rapid City

Find baseball books at Spearfish library

Spring is a great time of year for folks here in the Black Hills. Baseball fans have a wealth of different options to fill our lives with. While some play ball, many of us go to games from Little League to high school and/or watch the Twins or Rockies on TV. The Journal has great coverage of baseball on a daily basis.

As vice president of the Friends of the Grace Balloch (Spearfish) Library, I'd like to invite Spearfish baseball fans to visit their public library downtown that has many books about our favorite sport. The Dick

Ruddell Collection has many baseball books from over the years.

The Spearfish library also gets new baseball books. These include "The Kid The Immortal Life of Ted Williams" by Ben Bradlee Jr., "A Nice Place On The North Side Wrigley Field At One Hundred" by George F. Will, and "Where Nobody Knows Your Name Life In the Minor Leagues of Baseball" by John Feinstein.

Spearfish residents should stop by their library today and have a friendly and helpful staff person help them find books and information on many other resources, programs and activities that their Spearfish library offers.

David Nickel, Spearfish

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