Thune joins every partisan filibuster

President Obama has offered to adjust the consumer price index to slow the increase in Social Security benefits as part of a budget compromise. This would save the federal treasury billions of dollars and no “baby boomer" retirees would starve as a result.

There still isn’t much interest in compromise in Washington. Our own Sen. John Thune has joined virtually every partisan filibuster in an effort to create total gridlock. He even filibustered the president’s nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense.

Not so long ago, senators deferred to a president’s choices for his own cabinet. And Hagel is a former Republican senator from our neighboring state of Nebraska. Apparently, Thune and some of his colleagues felt Hagel wasn’t Republican enough.

At a time when our president is making the effort to reach across party lines and compromise, we should be embarrassed that our senator is behaving as a knee-jerk obstructionist. We’re seeing far too many filibusters in Washington, and very little effort to deal with the nation’s problems.

Jay Davis, Rapid City

Rapid City needs community garden

Someone in the area or city might want to see about setting up a community garden since the economy is downward and groceries are sky high and some are out of work and some seniors are on a fixed income.

Marion Grant, Rapid City

Kooiker good manager of Rapid City's money

As a stockbroker of 26 years, I sure appreciate what Mayor Sam Kooiker’s quality money management has accomplished for the taxpaying citizens (shareholders) of Rapid City. In a very transparent fashion, Mayor Kooiker balanced the 2013 budget without increasing property taxes, and even reduced garbage rates by 8 percent. Sam’s knowledge of city management led him to switch to performance-based budgeting to increase accountability and transparency.

Unlike a flashy CEO, who, with expensive stock options burdens shareholders, Sam reduces expenses, vetoed an unnecessary tax increase and has cleared the clutter to perform solid activities like improving our aging streets and utilities. Sam follows through in a positive way, and I like his accountability for efficient and honest government to us as citizens (shareholders) of Rapid City.

Sam is the best managerial and money-educated mayor Rapid City has ever had in my opinion. Dutch money managers are world-renowned for their prowess, and we’re fortunate to have one running Rapid City.

To re-elect Mayor Sam Kooiker, one can’t by proxy; so you must vote in person on June 4 or at early voting now at the county courthouse. Sam would humbly appreciate your vote.

Ray M. Greff, Rapid City

Charity Doyle stands for responsible budget

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I am writing in support of Charity Doyle's re election to Ward 1 City Council. Charity is a devoted wife and mother, as well as an engineer by training. She demonstrates intellect and aptitude for the complex challenges of leadership. By implementing an independent audit program for city operations, she stands for the principle of an efficient and responsible budget process.

Through her efforts to eliminate dreaded micromanagement of employee duties, she supports the increase of productivity and innovation. Charity is a tireless advocate for open government as she educates and informs the public on issues in play every day. She is responsive to each citizen's needs and respectful of others' viewpoints.

Charity plays a vital role in responsible governance. Her continued service is essential to keeping a proper balance and perspective on City Council. Our community needs Charity now more than ever.

Stephen J. Wesolick, Rapid City

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How many Bostonians wished for a gun?

Three days after the latest Muslim terrorist bombing, au entire American city spent 20 hours on "lock down," while the suspect was at large. After surviving a shootout with heavily armed police, people were cowering in their homes, hoping the also heavily armed suspect didn't break into their homes.

Do you suppose any of those unfortunate disarmed citizens wish they had a (so called) assault rifle and high-cap magazines? Do you suppose any of those lucky enough to have government permission to have a revolver or shotgun wish they had more firepower to confront the terrorist?

All of the resources of the Department of Homeland Security, their 2,700 armored troop carriers, and their two billion rounds of ammunition were completely impotent in stopping this latest Muslim terrorist attack on U.S. soil. How many more Muslim terrorists in waiting living in the US are holding visas? Why do we secure the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan but leave our own border open to illegal immigrants?

Instead of our federal and state government officials scrambling to disarm the public and grant amnesty to 12-plus million undocumented Democrats, why don't they start doing their job of protecting our own citizens?

Dennis Bush, Rapid City

Thank you, VFW, for flag pole

Thanks VFW. Friday, May 3, we dedicated a new flag pole that had been donated by members of VFW Post 1273 to the Lutheran Schools at 910 Wood Ave. in Rapid City. Commander Jerry Wright gave a patriotic talk to the middle school students and teacher Carol Olsen gave a prayer of thanks.

This school is helping to raise the patriotism and Christian faith levels of the students so they may go on to productive Christian lives. These are two things being lost in our beloved America, and this school is one that is trying hard to keep it alive. This is a wonderful, technologically advanced school and is always registering sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students.

God bless America and our Christian schools.

Jim Schneider, Rapid City

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