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LETTERS: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LETTERS: Tuesday, March 18, 2014


We need lawmakers who represent us

What I've been hearing is that Azarga did a hostile takeover of Powertech. Azarga is a huge investment corporation out of China. This allows China to have controlling interest in the mining operations in the southern Black Hills, if this is true.

It also appears that our state legislators are in support of an Azarga/Powertech operation. Do we really want China to be in charge of mining uranium in the Black Hills?

If permitting goes through, it is the mining board, the water board and the state legislators that are responsible. Due to removing state regulation and control, they are putting into jeopardy our clean water resources and livelihoods. What representative in their right mind would allow this?

We need alternative representation. Elections are coming up this fall. Let's find and elect responsible people who represent the citizens of South Dakota and not foreign entities.

Kim C. Kraft, Hot Springs

Legislation passed to stop frivolous suits

Recently I wrote an article (March 1 Forum) about frivolous lawsuits. Of course, I knew there would be a response from someone.

I was really surprised by the response from attorney Jim Leach. He starts off telling us in no uncertain terms, there is no such thing as frivolous lawsuits. Then he tells us about legislation that has been passed to stop these lawsuits that, according to Leach, don't exist.

I really get tired of this nonsense. Why do you think I am concerned? I was there and heard the horror stories. That is why legislation was passed. It was an attempt to protect people from these horrible lawsuits.

Leach in his best legalese never did address my concern. As the glut of attorneys unable to find legal work grows, will we be facing more frivolous suits? Examples, how many do you want?

Leach tries to convince us of the integrity of his occupation. That may have been true 30 years ago. Not anymore.

I don't know who Leach's friends are, but I know many attorneys who own boats, condos, casinos, motels, and developments because they are good attorneys and good business people. These attorneys are not the problem.

Bill Napoli, Rapid City

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