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LETTERS: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Americans keeping heads under water

When I drive by one of our pristine lakes, I see geese, ducks, coots and other waterfowl. I see they all have their heads under water, looking for food.

It struck me that there is a large amount (no doubt millions) of Americans who are living their lives exactly like these waterfowl. They don’t want to see the reality of what is happening to our government and thus our country. They only worry about where and what they are going to eat and drink, which TV show to watch or who will be texting them about what and where to eat.

They certainly don’t want to know that they are being lied to right and left, that there are six new Muslim Brotherhood high-ranking employees in the Obama administration. They don’t want to hear the truth about Benghazi -- the lies were good enough.

They don’t want to hear that their health-care costs are skyrocketing or about higher taxes. They don’t want to hear about anything that might be contradictory to what they see on “The View” or hear from some late-night comedian.

No, it is far better to keep your head under water.

Sandra Johnson, Custer

Kooiker fought to keep taxes lower

Being from the Southern Black Hills, I generally don’t pay much attention to who is elected mayor in Rapid City. I began to take notice when I heard of Sam Kooiker’s battles with the city council over election terms and taxation. Kooiker fought to keep two-year elected terms and lower taxes when the city council was pushing for four-year terms and higher taxes.

Two-year terms give voters the opportunity to rid themselves of lazy, incompetent, or corrupt politicians before they do lots of damage. Like baby diapers, politicians need to be changed often and for the same reason.

Politicians love spending other people’s money and high tax rates allow them to do so with little consideration of wise spending or cost/benefit ratios. Lower taxes force them to more carefully spend your money. It also allows taxpayers the ability and liberty to spend the tax savings as they see fit.

The voters will get their say at the upcoming election. The public will get to choose between the representatives that represent them well and those that don’t. And Kooiker fought to defend that right.

Paul Nabholz, Hot Springs

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