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April 1, 2015, letters

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Hilands pay price for trusting county officials

Archaic, heartless, cruel and un-American are but a few of the adjectives that come to mind regarding the Hiland nightmare. This family honestly trusted their vulnerability to the powers that be, only to be met by a pack of wolves. No accountability. Seems illegal.

Left lying in a financial, spiritual and psychological hole dug by trusted servants, they need a hand up in equal measure to the severity of damage incurred. If there is any good news, it is this: This family’s troubles beamed a bright light on a system that needs to come into present time. This mentality must be held accountable.

Perhaps someone with the means will come forward and make them “Queen for a Day” so to speak. That would be wonderful.

— Colleen Brezny, Piedmont

Kooiker has clear, positive vision for future

I attended the first forum between Mayor Sam Kooiker and former Police Chief Steve Allender. The forum was completely positive, which I applaud both candidates for.

Steve Allender’s claim is leadership, unity and integrity. However, he laid out no blueprint or vision whatsoever. Sam Kooiker laid out a specific vision. His focus is positive, people-focused government, and he wants city government to operate in a responsive manner. He talked about his efforts to reduce the bill-paying process by half, committees by half, and to have administrative approvals of permits and licenses.

City government is operating better than when Sam was first elected as mayor, and I urge you to vote for Sam Kooiker on June 2.

— Garry Denker, Rapid City

Nation needs to elect moral leaders in 2016

Elections have consequences. And if we as Americans do not get energized and insure we elect moral leaders in 2016, instead of Choom Gang members for president, we will get the future we deserve and our children and grandchildren do not deserve.

Just two days ago the leader of Iran stated, "Death to America." Moreover, Iran is currently fine-tuning their ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) capabilities and will be allowed to continue running heavy fortified underground centrifuges. With the past history of this current administration, I have no doubt they will structure a haphazard deal or no deal at all, which will allow Iran to continue to develop the means to carry out their leader's wishes for us and Israel.

Time is quickly running out on the safety and blessings our country has known thanks to those that came before us. We look back at "The Greatest Generation" with pride. How will our children look back at us?

— Douglas Brand, Rapid City

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