April 22, 2015, letters

April 22, 2015, letters


Groups worked hard to get opt out on ballot

On Friday, April 17, petitions bearing 4,872 signatures were delivered to the Rapid City Area Schools business office. When certified, these signatures will place the tax increase enacted by the seven-member school board onto the ballot on June 2 for a decision by the people who live in the school district.

Far more than the required 2,986, this overwhelming response by the voting public was made possible by the organizations and all the volunteers who stepped forward to take on the task. The citizens who signed their names on the petitions expressed their desire to vote on an important issue. The right of the people to petition their government is one of the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and is also guaranteed by Article VI, Section 4 of the South Dakota Constitution, our state Bill of Rights.

Thank you to the members of SD Citizens for Liberty, Inc., Citizens for Academic Transparency, and SD Campaign for Liberty for working so well together in order to accomplish in 20 days what seemed at first to be an impossible task.

— Tonchi Weaver, Petition Drive Chair, SD Citizens for Liberty, Inc.

Kooiker has earned another term as mayor

The streamlining of city government, the hard decisions made that have been in the public interest, and the lack of corruption in Mayor Sam Kooiker's administration are all good reasons for citizens of Rapid City to return him back into office as our mayor for another term.

Too often good folks are elbowed out to make room for someone with interests that benefit a select few. This good family man makes us Rapid City citizens proud. Please vote to re-elect a deserving public servant, Sam Kooiker, for another mayoral term.

— Dr. Eldon E. Bell, Rapid City

Religion article belonged on opinion page

The article "If Jesus were to address Congress" (April 18) had no place on the Religion page.  It was a thinly veiled political opinion held by Rev. Raymond Davis Jr. and should have been on the Opinion page (if it needed to be reprinted from the Kansas City Star at all).

 I can't believe Rev. Davis presumes to know what Jesus would say if he addressed Congress and horrified to read the anti-Republican comments he is tying to Jesus. What a partisan attack labeled as religion, and I'm truly disappointed that the Rapid City Journal chose to put this on the Religion page. I started reading it with interest, but that soon turned to disgust.  For the record, I am not a Republican.

 — Lani Olson, Rapid City

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