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April 8, 2017, letters

April 8, 2017, letters

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Mining company wants disposal wells

The company that failed before to convince us they could mine uranium safely is back. Planning to drill 4,000 in-situ leach mining wells. The original plan was only 1,500. They plan to pump uranium mining waste into the Minnelusa aquifer through four deep disposal wells.

Why? Perhaps they are looking to get the deep disposal wells permitted so that the Black Hills of South Dakota can be a regional or national disposal site for waste from other mining operations in other states? What will South Dakota be known for? Not Mount Rushmore and beauty but nuclear waste and toxic waste dumping. The perception of South Dakota as a toxic wasteland isn’t very appealing is it? How will this affect tourism dollars?

Would you bring your children to hike, camp or swim in Angostura Lake downstream from the dumping site? How will it affect real estate prices? How will it affect our agriculture? More importantly, how will it affect the health of our children and their children? With uranium prices at a low of $24 a pound, we must question why they want four deep disposal wells?

Cheryl Rowe

Rapid City

No internet privacy a big concern

Senators Thune and Rounds and gubernatorial aspirant Rep. Noem recently voted to repeal existing legal protections of your internet browsing data. Cellphone companies like Verizon and AT&T and internet companies like Midco and Vast will be able to sell your browsing history without your consent.

Let’s imagine ways things can go horribly wrong under this type of legal framework. Advertisers will be able to buy browsing history data about you. So will your church.  Do you want your pastor knowing the websites you visit?  What about the young boy or girl trying to escape a fundamentalist community? That community might be able to buy browsing history and see they have been visiting sites to help escape. What about sex workers trying to leave their profession? What about the bullied kid seeking suicide prevention help? What about the new mother researching postpartum depression?  How much of this info will now be sold to anyone willing to pay?

The issue here isn’t just this horrible new law. Thune, Rounds and Noem seem to care more about contributions from the telecommunications industry than simply doing what is right to protect South Dakotans.

Jason Jackson

Rapid City

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