Budgeting method fit for a governor

Mullah Nasrudin was in a financial crisis. He started looking for places in his budget to cut expenses so that he wouldn't have to raise his prices, make his customers angry or dip into his rainy day funds.

The prices Nasrudin had to pay had gone up, including the price of hay for the donkey that carried products to his customers. Suddenly he thought, "If I can cut the amount of hay I feed my donkey I can slash my expenses, I won't make my customers angry by raising prices and my hoard will be safe."

Wisely, Nasrudin didn't suddenly cut the donkey's hay in half but gave him a little less every day. After a few weeks, in a driving rainstorm, the donkey dropped dead of starvation.

"What a shame," said Nasrudin, "If only he had lived. I almost had him trained to live on nothing at all."

So now Nasrudin's donkey was dead, he had no business, his customers had no products, but his hoard was safe.

"With a little tweak I know my economic theories are sound and conservative. They'll be really popular with taxpayers. I must run for governor," resolved the wise Nasrudin.


Rapid City

Driving tips still apply 56 years later

The list from the owner's guide for a 1955 Chevrolet is short, to the point, and valid: Watch your speed. Keep in line. Keep your distance. Pass with care. Give signals. Turn properly. Obey signs and signals. Obey right-of-way rules. Protect pedestrian. Use lights properly. Park right. Drive defensively. Keep fit to drive. Drive a safe car.

These are good driving tips that could keep your car out of the shop and you out of trouble.


Rapid City

Service cut in half, bill remains the same

We actually all lost when AT&T took over on AllTel.

When we had AllTel and Verizon cell phone service, we had almost an all-statewide service because the two companies had an agreement for sharing each others' towers.

Because AT&T came out with different equipment in their cell phones, we AT&T customers now cannot contact our friends who were on Verizon, and they cannot contact us.

Also, when you travel across country, you will hit dead zones where we used to have service because of that agreement of tower use, which we can no longer avail.

Yet, our monthly cell phone bills are going to remain the same, but we will have half of the service, so to speak.

We losT.



Nordstrom a strong advocate for Ward 2

Ritchie Nordstrom is an excellent candidate and will be a strong advocate for the residents of Ward 2. He will bring a wealth of experience and common sense to the city council.

I have known Ritchie Nordstrom personally for many years and I have seen how hard he works and how resourceful he can be to accomplish whatever tasks he takes on.

Ritchie is a military veteran, longtime former city employee and a dance instructor. He is a thinker as well as a doer.

Ritchie will be very accessible to the residents of Ward 2 and they can count on him being honest and to be a real asset to the city council.

I urge the voters of Ward 2 to get behind and vote for Ritchie Nordstrom for city council.


Rapid City

Chad Lewis gets mom's endorsement

Chad Lewis learned the value of hard work, finishing what you start, and doing things the right way from his grandfather, Orville T. Shurtz, who represented the city building our Civic Center after retiring from the Corps of Engineers. His latest development is even named OTS for his grandfather.

Chad made the decision to remain in Rapid City after graduating from the School of Mines.

He had traveled much of the world and knew this is where he wanted to raise his family.

He recognized the unique opportunities we have here and is interested in improving and protecting them.

Chad has talked to many of Ward 3 residents while walking much of the area, getting a first hand view of the area and receiving permission to place his signs.

His support has also come from friends and family who can't vote for him because they are not residents of Ward 3.

I urge your support for Chad because he is my son and I know he will do a good job representing those of us who do live there and will be accessible to any Rapid City citizens regardless of their place of residence.


Rapid City

Nordstrom dedicated and hardworking

I am supporting Ritchie Nordstrom for Rapid City Council Ward 2, because he is one of the most dedicated, intelligent and hardworking people I know.

He is a Vietnam veteran and was a Rapid City employee for over 30 years, until his recent retirement.

You would think that after all that time working for the people of Rapid City, he would kick back and relax, but not Ritchie.

He wants to continue to work for the people, especially his neighbors in Ward 2, by being a member of the council who will listen to their concerns and do his absolute best to make sure those concerns become realities.

If you want a councilman who will listen to your needs, I would highly recommend voting for Ritchie Nordstrom.


Rapid City

Hanks is wrong about Kooiker's vision

When Sam Kooiker announced that he would be a candidate for mayor, the present mayor stated that Sam displayed neither vision nor leadership.

Is the mayor's definition of vision to turn a blind eye when allegations of wrongdoing at the landfill are brought to his attention?

Is his definition of leadership to sit idly on his hands when some vindictive and spiteful members of the city council turn on Sam Kooiker for doing what he was elected to do - being a sound steward of the taxpayers' dollars?

Unlike the present mayor, Sam Kooiker is not beholden to any special interest groups other than the taxpayers of Rapid City. Ask yourself what special interest group paid for the present mayor's last-minute derogatory and defaming wing nut letter four years ago? Remember the age-old axiom: Follow the money.

Each and every citizen and taxpayer of Rapid City, regardless of their status in society, is important to Sam.

This is the special interest group he continually represents on the city council and whom he wishes to serve as the mayor of Rapid City.



Hadcock and Kroeger best for council

There are important decisions to be made on who will represent you in the upcoming city council races.

Two people who have been very dedicated to the good of our community in North Rapid City are Deb Hadcock and Ron Kroeger.

They take the time to listen to members of the community, stay involved in doing the hard work required for the betterment of their constituents, and truly have the best interests of our city in mind when they make decisions.

The opponents in those two races seem to have negative energy, which is never positive when trying to accomplish good things. Deb and Ron have positive attitudes and need to continue being leaders for our city.

Another positive choice is Chad Lewis in Ward 3. Chad has a great business background, good common sense, understands that cooperation between other government agencies is important, has experience in infrastructure and construction, and doesn't come to the race with any personal agenda.

Let's keep our city moving forward. Deb Hadcock, Ron Kroeger and Chad Lewis are three individuals you can trust to work for you when you place your vote on June 7.

Let's send a positive team to city council.


Rapid City

Be the first to know

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Be the first to know

* I understand and agree that registration on or use of this site constitutes agreement to its user agreement and privacy policy.

Kooiker has good common sense

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to vote for Sam Kooiker as the new mayor of Rapid City.

Sam studies the issues then makes his decisions based on good common sense. Sam is the one who will address the tough issues and not back down when he knows he is right. All of these qualities display a respectable leader.

Sam Kooiker is a man of few flowery words but he is packed with action. Look at his record. It speaks for itself. It's time to take control of our government and that begins locally. Get to the polls and support Sam.


Rapid City

Chad Lewis a lifelong resident, knows issues

I have known Chad Lewis for over 35 years now and can think of no one better for the Ward 3 Rapid City council seat. He has an uncanny ability to see the big picture and the clarity of thought to see solutions for any problems that may arise. Moreover, Chad has lived in Rapid City his entire life so he knows the issues facing the city and understands what needs to be done to address them. Chad will do everything he can to promote active growth for all business.

Having owned and operated his company in the city, he knows the challenges facing business owners and steps that need to be taken to improve business in the current economy.

Finally, Chad is a family man. He, as all parents, wants to ensure that his children have all the advantages and opportunities a great home like Rapid City can provide.

He will stop at nothing to ensure that Rapid City remains a safe and enriching community. Make sure Ward 3 elects the best candidate. Vote for Chad Lewis.


Rapid City

Lewis and Wright best picks for council

There are two credible candidates seeking a council seat in Ward 3: Chad Lewis and Jerry Wright. They have both taken different walks of life while living in Rapid City.

These candidates are both educated. They are both blessed with family, and they are dedicated to our community. I have had the opportunity to not only know these gentlemen, but to work with both of them on community issues.

I would suggest that Chad Lewis would serve you well on the council. His proven leadership to enhance job growth and affordable housing are great accomplishments and will help our city prosper. He is enthusiastic and has an open mind discussing issues. He also offers the needed creative thinking to obtain solutions.

Chad is not a public bureaucrat and his agenda is simply to help improve our quality of life. Chad is an honorable man who comes from a solid family.Chad Lewis will serve you well on the city council.


Rapid City

"Micro-management" actually a compliment

A candidate may want to go to the well again and put forth a "buzz word" -- a connotation with no strict definition, such as "Wingnut" -- chosen to misinform and distract the voter, rather than to inform and engage.

Putting the opponent on the defensive, demanding a response, baiting the opponent to define the indefinable, "I'm not like that; I'm like this." Timing is a critical, within hours of the election, thereby not allowing the opponent to force the accuser to define the comment, purposely hoping to have the voter react negatively.

"Micro-manage" is such a word -- "micro" meaning "too much" and subject to each person's perception -- therefore having no strict definition.

Consider this word carefully whenever and wherever it is presented in the next few days. Ask those who present it to define it objectively. If they will not, or more likely cannot because they themselves do not have a clear definition, ask yourself or those that pose it: "By micro-manage, do you mean concerned about every tax dollar wasted, having attention to detail, or speaking and listening to the employees and constituents who will live with our decisions?" Or perhaps you mean, "Too much" integrity?


Rapid City

Billboards are obsolete, and bad business

Roadside billboards aren't like other businesses. When a ballpark or movie theater makes money on advertising, it's because the investors paid to build the building and put on a show, attracting the viewers who see the ads.

Well, who paid to attract the eyeballs to roadside billboards? We the taxpayers did by building the roads.

Then we have to look at the billboards, like it or not. We invest and the billboard companies profit. What if I went to a ball game, paid for my seat, then held up big advertising signs over my head? What's the difference?

Roadside billboards, besides being obsolete, non-consensual, bad business and bad neighbors, have an unusually strong rationale for regulation.



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