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Letter to Editor

Score: Taxpayers minus $17,000; Justice zero

For a charge of $33 at City Finance you can obtain a copy of the Kooiker files consisting of emails covering a time period from 2003 to 2009. Of the 113 pages, only a handful were sent by Kooiker. Having read them I opine that Councilman Kooiker was doing his job. He not only addressed complaints but did so politely and professionally.

In 2003 Mr. Kooiker rankled the money elite when he thwarted a "hurry up" deal involving a 4-inch thick contract with a foreign corporation funded in the Cayman Islands. This was the infamous waste water treatment plant scam. Implementation was going through 73 until Judge Grosshans asked how many of the council members had read this bloated contract. Only a couple of hands went up. I now ask how many of the eight council members studied these emails prior to voting on this matter. One answer I got was "I reviewed the documents." Hardly a satisfying response when a man's future is at stake.

So the city spends $17,000 of taxpayer money to dig into Sam's life and now they want to bury him in legal fees. A nice precedence we set here; succumb and drop out or go broke.

Right now the score is City Council $17,000 and Kooiker 0. Or put another way, it's taxpayers minus $17,000 and justice 0.

Bob Williams

Rapid City

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