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Appalled that city spending its reserves

I am appalled to hear that the city’s financial condition was hidden from the community.

I am glad to hear that Mayor Sam Kooiker and the City Council are taking action to correct this situation by requiring reporting of the condition of the reserves.

So now we know that the previous administration was freely spending the reserves, but yet running an entire campaign claiming they had never spent into the reserves.

This is almost as bad as when Alan Hanks ordered the format of his hard drive on his last day in office. It makes me wonder what else was being covered up.

Garry H. Denker

Rapid City

Thank you, Rapid City Parks Department

This is a chocolate strawberry, a truffle and a sincere “thank you” to each Rapid City Parks Department employee and volunteer for your work and care of hundreds of acres of parks, flower beds and arboretums this season and all seasons.

Your recent trimming and manicuring of the West Boulevard median trees would make former Parks Superintendent Bill Nordermeer (deceased), as well as all of us West Boulevard Neighborhood Association members, pleased and proud, as we recall our planning, then planting in our knee-high mud boots on that cold,  rainy week in April 32 years ago.

Lunch and a stroll through the beautiful educational Ralph Cole Arboretum is a pleasure in every season, as it is through our meaningful, remembering, Memorial Park, Sioux Park, Halley and all the gardens from west to east, north to south.

Area residents can enjoy lunch and a Garden Walk-A-Day this beautiful season.

Thanks, Rapid City Parks workers.

Toni Martin

Rapid City

People using the Bible  to remain in power

Will this “Christian” nation be judged by how those who had the most treated those who have the least? When something is done for others it’s because it’s the right thing to do.

Before the Europeans came here, there was generosity. Now there’s charity. The difference is with generosity you don’t expect anything (god-given/government given) in return. Such as, a tax deduction or a stairway to heaven.

Before the Europeans came, the “governments” here cared for their people. Now the government takes care of the people. It used to be the “wealthiest” people were those who gave away the most, not those who had the most.    

Those who have been oppressed by this republic are becoming the majority. The privileged oppressors are worried and trying to prevent the non-privileged from pursuing happiness.

Different religious beliefs and ploys that were used in the past to oppress the underprivileged are being used again. People are using the Bible and the man it’s written about to stay in power.

This country was not founded by Christians. It was invaded by people who used the Bible to justify their actions and ease their conscience.

God is not a politician and cannot be bribed.


T.L. Standing Soldier

Rapid City

Thank you for helping when our bike stopped

On Aug. 20, we were riding our motorcycle through Rapid City on the way to Lincoln, Neb., to see our grandchildren. In the middle of a busy intersection downtown, the bike stopped running.

A pair of “angels” named Jack and Susan stopped to help get our motorcycle off the road.

When it became clear that it was not going to start again, they went after a trailer to take it in for repairs. They then drove us to find a motel close to the shop.

We would publicly like to thank our new friends for their assistance and caring during a very stressful time.

Fred & Lynn Marsh

Clinton, Mont.

Letter writer misses the mark once again

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Terry Painter recently had his usual liberal fantasies in the Journal, this time concluding that voting for a Republican presidential candidate means one is ignorant and uneducated.

His supposed facts included that Obama has done a masterful job of saving us from a depression. While the economy began a downfall under Bush in 2008, I believe the answer for most of us is that we are worse off since Obama’s flaunted “Wonder Team” began handling the economy.

He claims that corporations are all conservatives. Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, was selected by his pal Obama to focus on jobs for the U.S. Slight problem, GE mysteriously paid no taxes as a corporation this last year and Immelt has and continues to send GE jobs overseas. Nice job, big “O.”

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros, among the richest of the rich, are all big-time liberal supporters, dismissing the myth that conservative interests is dictated by big money.

Regarding intelligence of voters, it has long been statistically shown that conservatives versus liberals are the more educated. A bunch of liberal professors is easily offset by illegal immigrants and various segments of the population who sign their welfare checks with an “X.”

DeWayne Walker

Rapid City

Let the buyer and non-buyer beware

None to my credit, I rarely check monthly statements against receipts or review itemized charges. Recently, I checked my VISA statement. I was shocked to find that I had been charged $12 a month for the past 16 months and $29.85 a month for the past six months, neither of which services I applied for.

On a recent utilities bill, there was an $8.25 unspecified charge. I was told that it was “in case we have to send a service truck to your residence.” That’s like paying a monthly doctor bill “in case” you get sick.

Today, I received an unsolicited copy of a magazine. They wouldn’t identify where or how they got my name, address, etc., but willingly agreed to remove my name from their subscription list.

In phone calls to all four organizations, they never apologized for the inconvenience, mistake or error in billing. They obviously know that they’re bilking the public with another “Ponzi Scheme,” won’t argue and simply refund your money.

I’m just one ignorant dupe, but I wonder how many hundreds of millions of dollars are we paying for unwanted, unsolicited merchandise?

Better check the fine print.

Frank McGee

Rapid City



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