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Schools should have more counselors

Do you think it's OK that there have been 142 school shootings since 2013? In my opinion, we need to start taking action against these types of things. The sad part about this is most of the time the shooter is not a random person but a student of the school.

Therefore, saying that it makes sense that there are more school shootings in high schools than in elementary schools. A thing that could help reduce school shootings is having more counselors in the school full time for the purpose to actually get to know each student so that they can tell if something is going on or they can tell if you might be planning something such as a school shooting, instead of having counselor that has a million other jobs and never really even has time to talk to the student if the student comes to them.

Another alternative could be having smaller classes so that teachers have more time to interact with each student. If these things are put into action, the number of school shootings might reduce.

Abby Williams

Rapid City

Lawmakers allow Russian meddling

Congress was granted $120 million to combat Russia's attack on our elections and our democracy yet Trump has not spent one penny to stop this ongoing attack. Why? Trump was mandated to do this but has refused and our representatives have done nothing to push him.

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Trump by refusing to protect our democracy is committing treason against our nation. If our representatives refuse to demand that Trump do his job to protect our nation then they are allowing Russia to continue unabated to attack our nation. Are they refusing to stop Russia because Russia has helped them against the Democrats? It would appear so.

If winning is more important than our democracy then what does that say about the people we have elected? It is past time that our representatives start to doing their job to protect our nation before this next election. Just do your job.

Brent Cox


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