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May 25, 2015, letters

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A double standard on economic development

Whenever the Republicans propose lowering taxes to stimulate the economy, all you hear from the Democrats and the Democrat press is the Republicans are just taking care of their rich friends.

New York is one of the most Democrat states in the union. Go to the New York state website and you will see that if you start a new business or relocate or expand an existing business in New York, there will be no business, corporation, sales, property, state or local taxes or franchise fees for ten years; also, no income tax for your corporation or employees for ten years. "No taxes for ten years" — their words. The website says they are doing this to build their economy and create jobs.

So, if Republicans lower taxes they are taking care of their rich friends, but if Democrats lower taxes, it builds the economy and creates jobs. Sounds rather hypocritical to me.

— John Ruff, Sturgis

Kooiker has earned my vote for mayor

I want a mayor who wants the very best for all people of Rapid City. I want a mayor who understands the complex inner workings of city government and can navigate it well.

I want someone who will ensure efficient and effective operations of city government, uphold the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment. I want a mayor who will hold the line on unnecessary taxing and spending; minimizing waste, fraud and abuse. I want a mayor who will not just do what a few people want, but really hear the will of the people.

 I want a mayor who is accessible, responsive and who understands that government is for the people, by the people. I want a mayor who can understand and tackle the complex issues of Rapid City. I'm voting for Sam Kooiker, again.

— Ann Eads, Rapid City

Colonial House donation helps our students

A big “thank you" to the Colonial House for its creation of the "Community Dough House." What a wonderful contribution to the Rapid Valley School of the wheelchair-accessible swing for their playground. More such projects are needed in the Rapid City area, both in the school system as well as the public parks, for our handicapped children. There is very little available to them when looking for facilities that they can utilize. Please keep the momentum going.

— Millie Fauth-Darney, Rapid City

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