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May 16, 2016, letters

May 16, 2016, letters

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Jensen led way on Peter Falk Act

My name is Catherine Falk, the daughter of the late Peter Falk, best known for his role as Lt. Columbo. I had the honor to work with Sen. Phil Jensen who sponsored our Falk-NASGA Right of Association bill protecting wards wrongly isolated from family and friends in guardianships.

Our bill is a bipartisan bill that Sen. Jensen championed in South Dakota. The bill was titled after my late father, Peter Falk, in memory of millions of people faced with the possible permanency of separation, isolation, exploitation and removal from social interaction. This bill protects persons with disabilities and the elderly while holding guardians accountable for their treatment of those under their care and control. Sen. Jensen sponsored this bill with such vigor that by the time I blinked my eyes, the bill cleared both chambers and was signed by the governor.

 South Dakota is the first state to pass the Peter Falk Act in the same session as a bill for South Dakota seniors and adults with disabilities from abuse, neglect and exploitation. I am so honored and excited that the Peter Falk Act has passed in the 2016 session of South Dakota

Catherine Falk

San Marino, California

Trump worst GOP candidate ever

Republicans, your own base rejected all your conservative candidates. Perhaps, they know that moderates and liberals have proven to do more for our country in our history than conservatives. Wake up and face the facts for a change.

The fact that you are stuck with loose cannon like Trump is ironic. Your voters rejected your do nothing way of running Washington, D.C., and accepted a candidate that doesn't have a clue of the huge responsibility a president must face every day. Perhaps, if you had made any effort to help the country instead of just saying “no” you would have a different candidate right now.

Republicans now have the worst candidate for president in our history by far. Good luck with that. Voters must keep this dangerous man out of the White House.

Howard Reid

Belle Fourche

Ellsworth flyovers sound of freedom

Concerning Ellsworth stopping nighttime flyovers: I live on Radar Hill. Your windows rattle? Sometimes my whole house shakes. Sometimes I have to cover my ears.

I would never dream of restricting those flights. That is the sound of freedom, loud and clear. Pilots need experience flying at night as well as during the day, not to mention in bad weather. That experience protects our country and is vital to our actions abroad. Fly on.

Lani Olson

Rapid City

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