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May 6, 2015, letters

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Kooiker has shown true leadership skills

Leadership is an issue being much bandied about during this mayoral campaign in Rapid City. One side claims to possess that quality. The implication: the opponent does not.

The topic is important. Using it as a campaign slogan is understandable. However, the ability, or inability, to lead is of such importance that slogans alone cannot do justice to the issue. Instead, the voter must think about some of those qualities that enable one to lead: vision, courage, wisdom and the ability to consider all courses of action. Mayor Kooiker has those characteristics in abundance.

Recent events in Rapid City show that Mayor Kooiker has the proven leadership abilities to move this city into the future. His decision to put the civic center question to the public was one to make us all proud. Mayor Kooiker’s decision to ask the citizens of this city what they wanted was fully in line with our democratic principles. It was a courageous and wise decision. It was a decision not common in present day America. We need more of his style of leadership. I have worked with and for some fine leaders. Sam Kooiker exhibits all the capabilities that those leaders encompassed.

— Jeff Holbrook, Rapid City

After police shooting, Allender stepped up

On Aug. 2, 2011, Rapid City experienced the death of two young police officers, Nick Armstrong and Ryan McCandless, as well as the serious wounding of officer Tim Doyle in the line of duty.

Chief Allender guided the department and the community through the tragedy with the utmost professionalism and esteem. We all were depending on him and he stepped up during a dark time. He even visited the shooter’s family personally, feeling strongly that he should do so as they were grieving the loss of a loved one, too. His integrity is exceptional.

Rapid City will be in good hands with a proven leader like Steve Allender. Don't ever forget the outpouring of love and unity the citizens of Rapid City displayed as we stood together, thousands wearing the "Heroes Wear Blue" tees. My family will vote Steve Allender for mayor of Rapid City.

 — Abbie Thrash, Rapid City

Local arts groups help make area special

For many reasons, I am proud and consider myself fortunate to be from the Black Hills. The opportunities to experience a wide variety of music are endless. Recently, my family and I have enjoyed the Emerging Artists events at the Dahl, the Dakota Choral Union's "The Seasons of Life" presentation and the "Celebrate" concert performed by the Bells in the Hills.  Each event was inspirational and entertaining.

Thank you to all the artists, directors, engineers, stage hands and others who make the concerts possible. Your commitment to your craft is to be commended and recognized. You are appreciated.  Again, to all artists of the Black Hills, thank you for making the Hills a more beautiful place in which to live.

— Kris Hovland, Rapid City

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