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Trap and skeet club endorses Johnson

The Rapid City Trap and Skeet organization (formerly Rapid City Gun Club) officially endorses David Johnson, fellow member and shotgunner, for S.D House of Representatives, District 33. This board action occurred at the group's monthly meeting of its Board of Directors on May 3.

David Johnson has been an active member, officer, director, and volunteer at the shooting range for more than 15 years. He is a lifetime member of the local gun range, the S.D. Trapshooting Association, the National Trapshooting Association, and the NRA. Mr. Johnson is an excellent marksman as evidenced by his placement on the S.D. Men's All-State Trapshooting Team. In addition, David Johnson is a devoted contributor and supporter of the Association's Competition Youth Trapshooting team and the NRA's youth firearms safety courses.

The Officers and the Board at the Rapid City Trap and Skeet organization, along with its 350-plus local firearms sports enthusiasts, strongly and officially support the candidacy of David Johnson for S.D. House of Representatives.

Greg Johnson

President, Rapid City Trap and Skeet Club

Are all our politicians liars?

When Kristie Noem ran for office she used her small son talking about his part of the national debt that was then $80,000 and she said " let me take care of that” or “let me worry about that," implying she would stop the rising of the national debt.

But instead, she has voted to raise the national debt ceiling every time and now her son's share of the national debt is $140,000. We elect Republicans or RINOS and they lie to us and never do what they said they would do. They vote for anything Obama wants. So, why not vote for a Democrat? At least we will get freebies from them while they raise the debt.

The Republicans/RINOS just give us lies, and I don't think they vote with God in their hearts anymore. Republicans/RINOS are why we have a Donald Trump.

James Cummings

Rapid City  

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Liberal policies do not help economy

A recent letter writer noted that the state of Kansas cut taxes and put their economy in the “toilet” while Minnesota raised taxes and their economy is “leading the nation.”

President Obama has raised taxes on income, health insurance plans, capital gains, medical equipment, indoor tanning, Medicare (and on and on) and economic growth has been stagnant. Obama will be the first president since the Great Depression where quarterly economic growth remained below 3 percent. Only Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt delivered worse economic results in the last 100 years. What possible reason would we have to become more liberal?

If the letter writer feels he doesn’t pay enough in taxes, he should feel free to send his spare money to the U.S. Treasury at any time.

Jim Stewart

Black Hawk

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