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Greetings! Did you know, that as a valued member, you have history available at your fingertips?

We have partnered with Newspapers.com, an online home to millions of historical newspaper pages from around the United States, to give our members FREE access to the most recent 2 years of our historical archives.

Our Newspapers.com viewer lets you explore a newspaper page in detail, clip a page or article and print, or save and share what you find. You can also see and jump to surrounding pages in the same issue.

When you find something you want a copy of, you can print the image directly from the viewer or download the image and save a digital copy first. If you have a family tree set up on Ancestry.com, you can save a clip from the archive onto your family tree.

As an added bonus, you can also get access FULL access to our entire archives for just $19.95/6 months!

What are you waiting for? Start exploring now.

As always, thank you for being a member of our family.

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