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FRYE-MUELLER: Overcoming complacency

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Thanks to all of you who reach out to me and ask how you can help with what is going on in our state and country.  If you are fully satisfied with every aspect of government in our world, then this article may not interest you. Today with the many circles of government that are spinning out of control, we desperately need more citizen engagement.  Please pick either a local, state or federal government agency or department that you believe needs improvement.  You are able to attend meetings, speak at those meetings, or write to your elected officials regarding anything that they are addressing on behalf of the citizens. This kind of participation takes time.  Shifting your time and taking a couple of hours to attend a meeting or two is worth it. When someone asks you to attend a meeting does your mind go to “what excuse can I come up with to not go”?  That is a huge part of complacency and contributes to the world we are living in today.

You could be the voice of reason that brings these officials the awareness that they need to hear about.  When you bring friends and neighbors to these meetings there is strength in numbers.   This is your government and you have every right to engage with a school board, city or town council, county commission, or the state legislature.  As a taxpayer you fund these governmental bodies.  You should have some say in where and how your money is being spent but it your responsibility to pay attention. When you make a purchase of goods or services for you and your family, you certainly have input to that purchase.

Our overall complacency throughout the years has contributed to the current state of our governmental bodies.  Please give strong consideration to slice out some time to get involved with your local or state government.  Two ways we can make changes will be either your jumping in to attend meetings or running for one of these positions.  Anything worth while takes time and effort.   God Bless our country.

Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller serves District 30.

Julie Frye-Mueller is a Republican State Representative from District 30.

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