Col. John Edwards, Ellsworth Air Force Base commander, speaks Friday at a press conference and celebration for the B-21 Bomber at the Alex Johnson Hotel.

GOLD: The good news keeps coming for Ellsworth Air Force Base. On Wednesday, Air Force Global Strike Command notified the base’s 28th Bomb Wing it had been named the top bomber wing for the year. Recently, Ellsworth learned it would receive training missions for the B-21 Raider — airplane delivery is expected around 2025.

On Friday, the base announced more awards: The 28th Operations Support Squadron was named best support squadron; the 34th Bomb Squadron was named the best bomber squadron; Capt. Patrick A. Walsh of the 34th Bomb Squadron was selected as bomber instructor of the year; and Maj. Stephen A. Roberts of the 28th Operations Support Squadron was selected as the bomber flight commander of the year. When awards come in clusters, it indicates longtime effective leadership and a strong culture of success, with pride spreading to all parts of the organization.

GULLY: Heaven forbid any South Dakota university should be permitted a connection with beer in a strictly scientific capacity.

At the recommendation of the Board of Regents, the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology will no longer allow students to brew beer on school grounds as part of a class on brewing science. For the future, the school is looking to move its beer-making activities off-campus.

Tech’s decision followed the publication of a Journal story featuring the class — sorry about that.

To sign up for the course, students were required to be at least 21. No beer was to be consumed as part of the class.

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State regulations get sticky with anything related to beer on college campuses, but let’s hope a means of repealing this unnecessary prohibition can be reached next year in the Legislature.

GOLD: Officers cruising city bike trails will periodically be able to rest their legs or sustain emergency speed thanks to two new electric pedal-assist bikes purchased earlier this year with the help of a $5,000 donation from NWE Management Company. In this town of hills, the electric bikes will be much appreciated.

GULLY: We’re glad Mayor Steve Allender doesn’t have anything close to $13 million stowed away for his re-election campaign. He could have painted his face on nearly every Black Hills billboard and saturated the airwaves with non-stop messaging. No disrespect intended mayor, but it would have been a bit much.

Natalie Stites Means, his opponent in the upcoming mayoral race, posted the ludicrous campaign war chest amount on social media last week based on hearsay and without ascertaining the facts. Allender suspects he has less than $2,000 in funds currently available from individual donors and leftover money from his previous mayoral campaigns.

The action by Stites Means screamed rookie mistake. The enormous amount was risible. The public posting of an unsubstantiated claim by an official candidate was irresponsible. From here on, let’s keep the campaign grounded in something much closer to the facts.

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