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Editor’s Note: Rep. Tim Goodwin is responding to a column written by Kent Bush, editor of the Rapid City Journal. A column is the opinion of the writer, not necessarily the newspaper.

President Trump has endured constant verbal assaults from the very day of his election besmirching his character, his alleged behavior, and even his family members. The language employed by his detractors has been vile. He has been accused of crimes, even after having been cleared of any wrongdoing by a two-year investigation; been called a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, misogynist, and said to be unfit to serve as President of the United States. Trump haters have used every form of communication to disseminate their irrational messages including shamefully partisan cable “news” outlets, social media and newspapers. The president prefers to communicate via action, responding to White House media and tweets.

Now the Rapid City Journal proudly proclaims that “Trump’s tweets cross the line.” Let’s just dive down into that, shall we? The line apparently allows the RCJ to indict the president for tweeting some plain speak reaction to “four congressional freshmen.” No such indictment is made of numerous statements made by these same “four congressional freshmen,” who are clearly Trumpophobes, and even more clearly anti-American. They make street signs that describe that practice: “One Way.”

But there’s more. The president is then judged to have used “coded language of bigotry,” because he dares to defend himself and all Americans against the constant diatribes of “The Squad,” the vicious vipers who attack America every day from the inside. Their unique brand of anti-Americanism employs race-baiting, class envy and personalized hatred to advance the cause of their ultimate objective, which is far more radical than the vilification of President Trump: the overthrow of the American government.

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The Trump defense of our republic, and the defense of our president cross party lines; so, the RCJ’s attempt to make this a political party struggle is absurd. The Squad is also locked in battle with the Democratic speaker of the House because, while the Democratic Party has desperately tried to change our republic into a progressive socialist regime, it is not radical enough!!! The RCJ’s defense of the anti-American “four congressional freshmen,” is neither fair nor appropriate. It is aiding and abetting the enemies of our republic regardless of their race, sex or country of origin.

President Trump was elected to defend this republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to execute the platform on which he ran. He has thus far been faithful to those principles. He has led us to the greatest prosperity in our history regardless of one’s race, sex or party. He has strengthened our defense and security and restored our exceptionalism and respect throughout the world. He did not surrender his right to free speech, or the choice of tools he uses to express his thoughts, feelings and opinions at the White House gates.

Tweet on Mr. President, I’ve got your back.

To the citizens of South Dakota and to the men and women in uniform, in honor of all who served, in respectful memory of all who fell, and in great appreciation to those who serve today, thank you, for giving me the opportunity to represent you.

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Rep. Timothy R. Goodwin of Dist. 30 is the South Dakota majority whip.

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