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Law requires office to register lobbyists

The Legislature has vested the Office of the Secretary of State with limited responsibilities with regard to lobbying activities.

The Secretary of State has the obligation of accepting the registrations of those wishing to lobby the legislators, maintaining a directory of all registered lobbyists, collecting registration fees, promulgating the forms which shall be used in conjunction with such registration, designating and issuing badges to registered lobbyists, accepting the required expense reports of registered lobbyists and assessing penalties for late filings of expense reports, and to maintain an index of cumulative values of gifts given to public officials by lobbyists or their employers. See SDCL §§ 2-12-1 through 4, 2-12-8.1, 2-12-11, and 2-12-16.

These obligations are ministerial in nature and limited to the duties imposed by statute. The Secretary of State does not have the statutory authority to determine who is eligible to act as a lobbyist or to revoke badges once issued.

Shantel Krebs

South Dakota Secretary of State

Dreamers shouldn't be terrorized

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents raid homes, check trains and buses, school enrollment records, etc, without warrants or suspicion of wrongdoing but only to locate and arrest those, who, as children, were illegally brought into the United States and are known today as “Dreamers.”

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Many of these young people are now parents of children who are U.S. citizens and have spouses who’re citizens. The agents pursue this roundup with force far exceeding what is necessary, leading to traumatizing children, spouses and terrorizing the Dreamers. ICE Director Thomas Holman claims that’s their intention, to terrorize Dreamers, not providing them a moment of peace for fear of deportation and never seeing their loved ones again. He now wants ICE’s status upgraded to Intelligence Agency level - this must not happen.

Deportees are returned to countries they never knew, among people that often hate them and speak languages they don’t understand. Many will, out of necessity, find work in drug and human trafficking where death soon follows, leaving their children orphaned and spouses widowed. All this horrific misery, because, long ago, the parents of Dreamers, brought them to the U.S., illegally, an activity in which Dreamers had no choice or control.

Lou Leahy


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